PSC Current Affairs - Jun 2

Which is the last approved COVID-19 Vaccine by WHO? Don’t know, here is the answer. This is the time of Covid 19. There is no shortage of new news as the second wave of Covid 19 hits India. You are going to study current affairs questions that could be asked in any competitive exam. Below are some questions you need to learn from the events of June into your current affairs Diary.

1. Which was the first country to report a new hybrid variant of COVID-19?

a. Chili

b. Kenya

c. Vietnam

d. India


2. Who is the former Chief Justice of India who has been appointed as the new Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission?

a. Subodh Kumar Jaiswal

b. Arun Kumar Mishra

c. H. L. Dattu

d. T. S. Thakur


3. When is the Memorandum of Understanding between India and Japan on Sustainable Urban Development?

a. May 21, 2021

b. May 2, 2021

c. June 1, 2021

d. June 2, 2021


4. How many teams will be participating in the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2027?

a. 11

b. 13

c. 15

d. 14


5. How many teams will be participating in the ICC Men’s 2020 World Cup in 2024?

a. 18

b. 20

c. 15

d. 17


6. The Cabinet approved the Memorandum of Understanding between India and Argentina for cooperation in which area?

a. Mineral Resources

b. Agriculture

c. Aerospace

d. Rural Development


7. Which is the eighth COVID-19 Vaccine listed by the World Health Organization for emergency use?

a. Covishield

b. Sinovac

c. Covaxin

d. Sputnik V


8. In which country is the Copa America football scheduled to take place from 13 June to 10 July 2021?

a. Brazil

b. America

c. Uraguay

d. Peru


9. Which country mediated the end of the Israeli war in Gaza?

a. America

b. Egypt

c. Ghana

d. Iran


10. Who is the new CBI Director of India?

a. Subodh Kumar Jaiswal

b. Rakesh Asthana

c. M. Nageshwar Rao

d. Rishi Kumar Shukla


COVID-19 Vaccine details are listed in following link

Read More About COVID 19 Vaccines  


Current Affairs Jun 2 – Answers

  1. Vietnam (c)
  2. Arun Kumar Mishra(b)
  3. June 2, 2021(d)
  4. 14(d)
  5. 20(b)
  6. Mineral Resources(a)
  7. Sinovac(b)
  8. Brazil(a)
  9. Egypt(b)
  10. Subodh Kumar Jaiswal(a)

If you have any doubts about any of the above questions, you can do so in the comment box below.

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